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Just about everything we encounter these days connects to the internet, we call it IoT or Internet of Things. But what happens when your data needs are out on the edge of coverage. Weak signals lead to dropped calls, missed sales opportunities and equipment that isn’t reporting back data to managers. Remote Communications can put an end to all of that with our full line of WilsonPro Cellular Boosters.

Cellular Enhancement

No longer about buying a booster off the shelf and hanging it on a wall. With multiple carriers and multiple frequencies, Cellular Enhancement is now a complete system. These systems may include, multiple donor antennas, multiple broadcast antennas, Taps, more than one amplifier and many other considerations. Remote Communications is a WilsonPro Certified Installation company. We work with our customers and with the engineers at WilsonPro to ensure you get an engineered system that fits your needs.

A solution in search of an application

Data is important to what you do, vending machines, telematics, cell phones, scada applications, security systems, equipment monitoring, all push data out to the internet. No matter what your application, you rely on that data to reach you. Sometimes it’s the equipment experiencing weak signals sometimes it’s the location you’re trying to receive the data in. No matter the situation or application we can provide a solution.

Size matters

If you are trying to make your phone work in a house or car, you can probably just go to a big box store or online retailer order a cell booster and be ok. But what if you are accepting credit cards in a vending machine, or need cell phones and data devices to work in a large office. How about a shopping mall, hospital, or multi story building where people come and go using every cellular carrier available. Now you need customized and scalable solutions.

Numbers matter

How many connections do you have? Imagine sitting in a conference room with 5 other people, how many connections to the internet are there. You all have phones, you all have PCs, many of you have tablets, some have smart watches. There is a smart TV on the wall and a VoIP conference phone on the desk. These are all connections to the internet, and that’s just the room you are in. When it comes to sizing a cell phone booster numbers matter. Without the right device everyone’s connection will suffer.

The Solution

The solution is a Wilson Certified Installer. A certified installer will come to your location with measuring equipment to determine where your cellular strengths and weaknesses are. We will determine what providers you need to boost and design a system that will work best for your situation. We will cover every device you have that needs a signal. After working with you to design a system, we will then install the required equipment in a neat and professional manner.


Measurement is critical to a thorough and accurate installation. Using the Wilson cellLinQ signal meter, we can go to any site or facility and determine what towers are nearby, what carriers are on them and there relative signal strengths. This gives us the ability to pick the amplifier that best fits your needs. 

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