Network Components

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Network Component

All the parts you need to get your network running.



Cabinets are made in all shapes and sizes. We have wall cabinets, floor cabintes and rolling cabinets. Cabinets that lock, and cabinets with fans.

If you are building a network, a cabinet is a great place to install all the parts to help keep them clean, organized and secure.


Routers & Switches

Routers and switches are the heart of your network distribtion. Routers feed your switches, WiFi antennas, and VoIP devices among other things. Getting your network to run smoothly depends on quality devices at this point. We work with devices that are tried and true, Whether you have 2 computers or 200 we have what you need in routers and switches.

Cradlepoint Routers

Yes cradlepoints are routers, but we think this particular router is worth it’s own discussion. This powerful networking tool beats like the heart of a lion. Just a few of the many features available in a cradlepoint router are, multi WAN input, WiFi as WAN, failover/failback, remote management services, whitelist/blacklist, on site tamper resistance, and so much more. This router will provide all the enterprise routing tools usually only found in devices costing thousands more.We are sold on Cradlepoint routers, you should be too.

Patch Panels

Patch panels don’t seem like much, but if you have different types of network devices like, servers, VoIP devices, credit card machines and others. Patch panels make connecting your category cables to there proper devices a snap. Literally. Don’t forget this important part of your network.


Everyone knows what WiFi is and everyone wants it. Well we have it. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, long distance, point to multi point, used as a bridge or access point, we have whatever WiFi solution you need. We can create a wireless environment in your office, yard or even the building across the street, or multiple buildings on the same site. No need for a wired connection or seperate internet connection. Just share it with everyone and do it with WiFi.

Battery Backup

A battery backup not only keeps you running when the lights go out but they also protect your equipment from power surges as well. These come in many forms, rackmounts to keep your networking hardware safe, floor towers to go under a counter or desk, and desktop models designed to go into small spaces.

Battery backup devices protect, TV’s phones, computers, and any other electronic devices plugged into them.


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