Network Integration

Networking is more than just pulling wires through walls and ceilings, it also includes setting up, Switches, Routers, Security Gateways, WiFi Installation, VLANs, Network Support and more… Remote Communications can build your network from start to finish.

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Build For Success!

A network should be built for it’s long term success, it is inevitable that changes, additions, and repairs will have to be made. We pull new networks with these ideas in mind. Color coded wires by service so that Data Security, VoIP, WiFi APs and other system types can readily be identified by wire color anywhere in the system. We then punch down by color so that each color is grouped on the panel, when resources permit we will give each wire color its own patch panel. In each of your drop locations we match the outlet jack color to the wire color so you can plug in a device to it’s proper path with a glance.


We also cable comb and secure all cabling to create an attractive, serviceable installation. Each installation is customized to the customers needs and we we do everything possible to make the system ready to accept future expansion and maintenance. Wiring can be pre-installed during construction or as needed in existing buildings.

Fiber Optic Cabling


Cabling between buildings, between closet locations and on runs over 100 meters should be Fiber Optic. We run inside plant runs in single mode or multi mode and make connections as simplex or duplex as required by the hardware and by the needs of the customer.

Ubiquiti Unifi – Enterprise Networking Ready For The Future

All the capabilities you need in an Enterprise Network without the high cost and licensing fees charged by our competitors.

So You’re All Wired. What Now?


After the wiring is done you need good solid network components that will keep your data safe, give your network maximum up time and operate at the best possible speeds. You need a network designed for all of today’s needs. Data, Voice, Security Cameras, IoT, WiFi, Building Access and more.

Ubiquiti Unifi


We use Ubiquiti Unifi for the majority of our networking pieces. Unifi is a fully controllable system that is designed to be integrated together in any environment, and is completely scalable to any size business.


Pieces include, Routers, Switches, POE Switches, Security Gateways, NVR devices, WiFi AP’s, Mesh Network AP’s, Network Controllers, Outdoor WiFi, Point to Multi-Point AP’s, Enterprise Security Cameras, PA Speakers and more.

Future hardware devices include VoIP phone systems and access control pieces such as door lock controls and badged access control devices.


With Unifi we can build and maintain a network ready for whatever your business can throw at it. Unifi is ready to work with Internet connection speeds from the slowest satellites to fiber optics and anything in between. We can build VPN’s between Unifi equipped businesses, set security for your data, build VLAN’s to seperate your data and user needs and we can pre configure a network for easy deployment.

No Licensing

Unlike the other big players in networking components Ubiquiti Unifi products do not have any first time or annual licensing fees or firmware upgrade fees. All Unifi products are yours with initial purchase and include lifetime licensing and free firmware upgrades.


Alias configurations

Give us the ability to name devices based on their physical location within a network to make trouble shooting fast and simple. If a network device fails we can pre load a new one with the old config file and plug it into the network where it will operate as before.


POE Switches

Operate in, passive, AF & AT modes to work with whatever POE devices are installed, whether it be VoIP Phones, Wireless Access Points, Cameras or other devices.


Heat Mapping

Allows us to look at the RF characteristics of your wireless network to locate weak signal areas. Identifying these areas gives us the ability to deploy a network that gives you the best wireless coverage for the lowest cost.


Mesh Networking

Gives us the ability to get wireless networks deployed in areas where cabling is difficult, impractical, or impossible. Mesh networking also allows us to build large networks with automatic fail overs and redundant pathways built in. Mesh Networking gives us the ability to create networks outdoors, in small office environments and in large venues such as hospitals, office towers, malls and even stadiums.



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